Friday, May 6, 2011

Fatigued Heechul tweets a pic (and still looks fabulous)

Super Junior’s Heechul tweeted a picture of himself while in the Philippines.

On the 27th, Heechul uploaded the above photo from Manila, and let his fans know that he wasn’t feeling that well. He wrote, “I wasn’t feeling well but Philippines’ passionate cheering made me feel better.”

Though he’s professed to be ill, Heechul managed to still look runway-ready, as he’s seen outfitted in an avant-garde T-shirt with  a pair of  thick-rimmed glasses. This ordinary photo has been gaining so much attention that it’s even the #1 celebrity news on Nate.

Fans can’t get over how pretty he looks in the photo, as they gushed “How can someone look that good when they’re sick?” and “He’s prettier than me. This is crazy.”

Source: TV Daily
Via All kpop
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