Monday, May 9, 2011

Netizens uncover English tracks similar to f(x)’s Danger, Dangerous & Beautiful Goodbye

In addition to TVXQ, SNSD, SHINee and Super Junior, pop quintet f(x) may be the latest addition to SM Entertainment’s list of artists that have amassed public attention due to song remake issues.

Since the release of f(x)’s first full album “Pinocchio,” netizens have discovered English counterparts to Danger, Dangerous and Beautiful Goodbye that bear unmistakable similarities to f(x)’s releases, sparking curiosity amongst many fans regarding the origins of this album.

Kristine Elezaj, an Albanian-American recording artist, first caught netizen attention when her track, titled Razor, was discovered. Aside from a few synthesized variations, Razor is nearly identical to f(x)’s Danger. It’s been revealed through one report that SME bought the rights to Danger then reproduced it legally as their own track.

The second track that’s gained buzz is the Norwegian pop singer Carina Dahl’s Sticky Dough, which bears striking similarities to f(x)’s Dangerous:

Finally, Beautiful Goodbye is identical to Kasey Butler’s 2008 track of the same title:

Some netizens have shied away from obvious plagiarism accusations and suggested that SME may have bought the licensing rights to these already-produced songs then remade them.

Again, SM Entertainment’s had issues in the past regarding song rights. TVXQ’s Mirotic & Sarah Connor’s Under My Skin were revealed to have divided distribution rights based on region — TVXQ could only release Mirotic in Asia and Sarah Connor only in North American and Europe. SHINee’s Juliette, while featuring Jonghyun’s original lyrics, is a remake of Corbin Bleu’s Deal With It, and Hit Me also owes its roots to the original Bad Case by Jackie Boyz (and also Marques Houston & Omarion, but that’s a whole other issue). SNSD’s Tell Me Your Wish was illegally released by Uzbek singer Dineyra (Raqsga Tushgin) without proper permission from Universal Music, then separately released (as the licensed version) by Dutch singer Nathalie Makoma (I Just Wanna Dance) last year with the original English lyrics. SNSD’s Run Devil Run was also linked to Ke$ha’s identically-titled song, which turned out to be an unreleased guide track. Lastly, Super Junior’s Carnival is a licensed remake of the 2005 track of the same title by the Netherlands-based band Chipz.

Again, SME reportedly bought the rights to reproduce Razor for f(x)’s Danger. As for Dangerous and Beautiful Goodbye, SME has yet to release any official word on this matter, so fans should hold off from forming judgments or developing assumptions (regarding plagiarism, remake rights or otherwise).
credit: allkpop

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