Friday, May 6, 2011

TVXQ boys talk about dating on “Quiz to Change the World”

TVXQ’s Changmin revealed that it has been 10 months since he last went on a date.

He appeared with fellow member Yunho on the February 26th episode of MBC’s “Quiz to Change the World“, and elaborated that he was at an age where he’d like to go on dates.

When asked the question, “How long has it been since you last went on a date?“, he replied “It’s been about 10 months“. MC Kim Gura inquired more about his ex-girlfriend and Changmin stated, “I’ve always said this before but I’m at an age where I’d like to date“. He is currently 24 in Korean age.

On the other hand, Yunho stated, “I haven’t dated in 2~3 years. I found myself reacting to (certain things) in movies and dramas. When I find a girl, I want to reenact the scene in ‘A Moment To Remember’ where Jung Woo Sung tells Son Ye Jin, ‘If you drink this, we’re dating’. It looked very romantic“.

On the episode, Yunho also revealed his disappointment at the female cast on “Quiz to Change the World”.

He said, “I’m very disappointed at the noonims (older noonas). When we came on 2 years ago, there weren’t many idol groups so they gave us lots of love and I was very happy at the thought that I was being loved. But after that, they showed love for every idol that came on this show. Their degree of love became higher so I was sad at finding out that they love all the idols in general“.

Lee Kyung ShilKim Ji Sun, and Park Mi Sun did their best to comfort Yunho and Changmin. After TVXQ’s dance performance they praised the two highly saying, “I felt the stage was too small for their excellent performance“.

Yunho danced to Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” and was exploding with charisma.

He sang and danced to the song, capturing Michael Jackson’s unique vocal style and rhythmic dance, and received praises from the cast. He did everything from the moonwalk to popping, showcasing his untouchable dance skills.

The female stars went crazy after this hot performance, and even the noonims called him “Oppa”. MC Park Mi Sun received warnings from Kim Gura for liking the performance too much giving him a standing ovation.

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