Tuesday, December 20, 2011

K.Will chosen as new DJ for Korean journal program ‘Voice of KJ’ in Japan

K.Will has been selected as the newest DJ to lead Voice of KJ, a popular program that’s part of the famous Japanese magazine, ‘Korean Journal‘.
‘Korean Journal’ was established in 2002, and will soon be celebrating their tenth year of serving as an educational magazine for those in Japan who take an interest in the Korean language.
‘Voice of KJ’ is a program that has played a huge role in spreading awareness of Korean culture and language, and Lim Joohee who is currently an international news anchor on NHK has also served as a DJ in the past.
Editor-In-Chief Kawai Yoshi of Korean Journal’s publishing company Aruku remarked, “We think K.Will is the best fit for this job, as he has a large fan base and we feel he will charm the viewers with his witty personality. We believe that his million-dollar voice will serve as an effective ‘evangelist of the Korean language’, receiving a positive response from fans.”
Meanwhile, K.Will is getting ready for his upcoming ‘THIS IS K.WILL – K.Will’s suspicious Christmas concert‘ which is scheduled to take place on December 24th and 25th at Yonsei University.
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