Tuesday, June 28, 2011

2PM’s Chansung reveals his ideal woman type

During a recent TV broadcast, 2PM’s maknae Chansung made a confession that his ideal woman was “someone who can speak well“.

This week’s episode of KBS’s “The Citizens’ Talk Show Hello” held the concept titled “20s! Pop the Youth“, where the shared stories and complaints of the night were focused on young adults in their 20s.

On the show, MC Shin Dong Yup introduced a case of a young female who is often mistaken as a foreigner for her intense makeup and bold fashion style.

The female guest shared that whenever she stands as a pedestrian, commuters on the bus stare right at her as if she was some sort of animal, causing her to feel uncomfortable. She also finds it upsetting when she can hear people talk about her looks behind her back.

In response, guest stars Chansung and Junsu of 2PM expressed that they wouldn’t mind if their girlfriend or friend dressed up like her, as long as the style matches them well.

Out of curiosity, when MC Shin Dong Yup asked what Chansung’s ideal woman was, Chansung answered, “I like girls who are excellent speakers.”

To this, Shin Dong Yup jokingly replied, “That’s only because you’re in your 20s. Later on when you’ve lived a bit more, you’ll realize that those who don’t nag are the best type of women.”

Source: BNT News via Daum Media

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