Saturday, June 18, 2011

B2ST’s Kikwang talks about the popularity differences between members

B2ST’s Kikwang recently shared his thoughts on the individual activities of members and the popularity differences within the group!

On June 17th, Kikwang met with reporters to reveal his thoughts on the end of their 1st album promotions, and his reflections on their entrance into the Japanese music industry.

B2ST’s first full-length album, “Fiction“, has staked their claim among the top male idols, as they swept first place on both public and cable networks, and from there, casting calls from variety shows have become an endless list of requests.

To the same degree, each member’s solo activities have become prominent as well. Kikwang is active as an MC on KBS2TV’s “Win Win,” Yoon Doojoon acted in the MBC sitcom “All My Love“, and befitting for the group’s lead vocalist, Yoseob showed off his vocal talent on KBS2TV’s “Immortal Song 2“.

Since only a select few members have prominent solo activities, the difference between the more popular members and lesser popular members is inevitable. Some wonder if this difference in popularity causes awkward relationships or problems between the members.

For example, according to unconfirmed rumors, it has been said that some idol groups have heavy conflict due the the difference in popularity among the members.

However, B2ST seems to be wise beyond their years, as before any conflict arises, they seemingly figured out a way to solve it in its early stages. Kikwang revealed,
I did think that as B2ST was getting more popular, and as our personal activities increased, that there could become a difference between the more popular members and the less popular members. Since we’re only human, I felt that we might be jealous or get discouraged. So we already said [at the start], ‘Let’s not get upset, jealous, or fight over more or less popularity.‘”
In general, B2ST resolves issues quickly through internal discussion, and it is said that because of that, they have a good relationship with one another.

Do you think simply talking about things is a good plan for future success, or might human emotions become too much for words to overcome eventually?

Source: Newsen via Nate

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