Saturday, June 18, 2011

SNSD’s Sooyoung shares ‘goddess’ selcas

On June 16, a series of SNSD’s Sooyoung’s selcas were posted by staff on SM Entertainment’s official Facebook page with the caption, “SOOYOUNG, taking time off to relax in her room~ But she didn’t forget about fans~! SOOYOUNG took these pictures by herself for the fans and sent it to us~! Her beautiful mind is one reason why we love her~! Thank you, SOOYOUNG~!!!

In the photos she shows off a variety of expressions ranging from chic to bubbly. The recent selcas have headlined for her radiant smile and other features reminding netizens of her goddess-like beauty.

Comments on the photos included, “Oh wow, she looks so pretty,” “She really looks like a goddess,” and “Breath-taking beauty.”

Source & Photos: MyDaily via Naver

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