Saturday, June 25, 2011

T-ara members visit Hyomin at the set of ‘Gisaeng Spirit’

T-ara members surprised Hyomin by visiting the ‘Gisaeng Spirit‘ set to encourage her for her first appearance in a movie.

On June 24th, T-ara members visited the Seoul Gangnam studio of ‘Gisaeng Spirit’ during the poster filming set, as Hyomin, Han Eunjung, and Lee Hyeong Seok greeted them with surprised expressions.

Eunjung, who is the main character in the currently screening movie, ‘White: Cursed Melody‘, stood out in the middle as she encouraged Hyomin with a warm expression.
At the filming set, a scary atmosphere was created with scattered blood and spooky music, but T-ara’s visit transformed the stars’ serious expressions into laughter.
T-ara’s Hyomin gave bright hope as she stated, “To be honest, I hope this movie is better than ‘White: Cursed Melody’. This is my first time in a horror movie, so I learned a lot from Eunjung.”

‘Gisaeng Spirit’ is a story of a child who died wrongfully and became a spirit in a different person’s body, who commits murder. The movie will be released in August.
Source: Sports Chosun

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