Monday, June 27, 2011

Kwanghee to give way the central position in ZE:A

Kwanghee will be handing his fellow members the highly coveted center position for ZE:A’s upcoming promotions this coming July.

ZE:A is currently busy preparing for their comeback on July 8th, and Star Empire Entertainment recently revealed that the member positioning will also be changed with their new album.

Kwanghee was the notable center of the group during their most recent promotions for “Here I Am“, but it seems members Dongjun and Hyungsik will be taking his place instead.

Earlier this year, Kwanghee said he believed he received the center spot, “Because I worked so hard on all the variety shows I went on. I think my entertainment company is finally beginning to recognize me as talent“, and added that he was very happy to stand on stages.

Star Empire Entertainment explained the new arrangement, “We want ZE:A to be praised for their singing abilities this time around, so we plan to have the vocal line,
Dongjun and Hyungsik, stand center stage for the upcoming promotions. Kwanghee also hopes that people will see him beyond the variety-idol image he currently has, so he is working hard on his vocals.”

ZE:A’s comeback track promises to be a fun and upbeat song that’s perfect for the summer weather.

Source: Daily News via Nate

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