Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Brown Eyed Girls set a mid-July comeback date

The Brown Eyed Girls have finally revealed a date for their comeback!

On June 21st, a representative for Naega Network stated, “The Brown Eyed Girls are currently preoccupied with recording for their new album. It’s been a while since their last album was released, so they’re investing a lot of effort into [their new album], and thus the preparation keeps getting longer.”

He added, “However, they will be able to greet their fans with a new song by mid-July. They plan to release a digital single and a mini-album right after.
The group will be making their return after a two-year hiatus.

Source: Star News via Nate

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Anonymous said...

I hope they actually are coming back. It's already past mid-July and they still don't have any "Brown Eyed Girls Coming Back Next Week" on Inkigayo or Music Bank. I really hope BEG doesn't delay their album AGAIN. T_T