Thursday, June 9, 2011

IU meets her first love again through ‘Dalgona’

IU recently reunited with her infamous first love, and told her love story for the very first time.

The singer participated in a recent recording for SBS’s ‘Dalgona‘, and shared a few personal stories that fans never got to hear before.

When her first love appeared on the screen, he began to talk about their juvenile romance. “Our ‘liking’ timings weren’t right. When I confessed, she rejected me.
Later on, Ji Eun told me that she liked me and gave me an invitation to her birthday party, saying, ‘If you like me too, then come to my birthday party’. But I refused at that time.

IU responded by saying, “When I said previously on TV that there was a boy I liked for the first time ever [in my life], it was him. He’s my first love. He grew up well and handsome.”

IU’s first love reportedly resembles actor Lee Jang Woo, and he’s known for his leadership skills since he was the class representative all throughout his middle and high school career.

Source: TV Report via Nate

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