Saturday, June 11, 2011

IU to go “beyond reality” as a model for ‘SK Telecom’

IU has been selected to be a unique model for ‘SK Telecom‘.

On June 9th, it was revealed that SK Telecom’s mobile brand, “T“, created an advertisement that had IU singing with the late Kim Kwang Seok, a legendary Korean folk-rock singer. Fittingly, the slogan for the T’s new campaign is “Beyond reality”.

An official from SK Telecom explained, “To show our new phase change of the LTE (long-term evolution) era, we decided to plan a new campaign.”

The first advertisement from the ‘Beyond reality’ series will be released on June 11th, which has IU and Kim Kwang Seok singing a special duet of his popular song, “At About Age 30“. Reportedly, the video was created by reconstructing a set for IU that was similar to Kim Kwang Seok’s live stage; sophisticated 3D technology combined the two scenes.

Source: ETO via Nate

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