Friday, June 10, 2011

SNSD’s Taeyeon leaves a hint about SNSD’s setlist in Paris

SNSD’s leader Taeyeon had a mini-interview on MBC FM’s ‘Son Suk Hee’s Spotlight’, where she gave fans updates on her health and on SNSD’s activities abroad.

The interview began with the host asking Taeyeon on how she took care of her health.
Taeyeon replied,  “I don’t take especial care of it. I try to eat properly, and I think I get exercise naturally though stage performances.”

Taeyeon was then asked, “Do you have anything special prepared for the performance in Paris?”, to which she answered, “There are many people who wanted to listen to the original tracks. So rather than recomposing the songs, we’ll be picking representative tracks instead.” Taeyeon expressed that she was determined to perform familiar songs in France for French Sones to sing along to.

The ‘kid leader’ directed her next words to SNSD’s Korean ‘uncle’ fans. “While we’ve scaled back our Korean activities for a while, we’re performing in various countries to let Korea be better known, so please wait for just a little bit longer. We’ll be starting on our Korean activities soon.

She also added, “I’m doing well, so don’t worry too much!”

Son Suk Hee then asked while smiling, “There are almost no cases where idol stars appear on ‘Spotlight’. Did you ever have an interview as formal as this one before?”

Taeyeon laughed, “There haven’t been many these days.

Taeyeon and her fellow SNSD members are currently in Paris preparing for the first
ever ‘SM TOWN Live in Paris‘ shows on June 10th – 11th.

Source & Photo: Newsen via Nate

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