Friday, August 19, 2011

2PM and miss A promote shopping in Korea

The two JYP Nation groups, 2PM and miss A recently collaborated for a Korean tourism video!

In the short 30 second video which promotes shopping in Korea, you are tasked with spotting the K-pop stars in the heart of the fashion capital, Seoul. You really have to stare hard because they whisk by in a flash at the beginning. But don’t worry, because they slow-mo the video for everyone in the end.

They are also promoting the “Visit Korea and become an interactive movie star with 2PM and miss A” contest where you need to produce 1) An interesting video that explains why you love Korea or why you must come to Korea or 2) A video of you singing, dancing, or acting with anything related to Korea.

Visit the contest website for more details and remember that the closing date is August 23rd.

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