Friday, August 12, 2011

Brown Eyed Girls extends contracts with Nega Network, may return in September

The talented ladies of Brown Eyed Girls, who are all busy preparing for their comeback this year, have revealed that they’ve extended their contracts with Nega Network for an additional four years.
Representatives of the industry revealed, “The Brown Eyed Girls agreed to an extension and are completely focused on their upcoming album. The girls will make a comeback by the end of September at the earliest.”
The reason the girls extended their contracts was because they felt that Nega Network was the company who best understood and catered to their musical style. Not only that, but they had also debuted and fostered the girls’ growth and unique color.
Commenting on their comeback, representatives revealed, “We’ve tried something completely different from the Brown Eyed Girls’ standard style. It’s a sound that’s never been heard in Korea. We’re still working on a release date, and the members are all busy with finalizing preparations.”

Source + Photos: Sports Seoul via NateStar Today

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