Sunday, August 7, 2011

Girl’s Day to conclude promotions this week for Japanese debut preparations

On August 6th, DreamTea Entertainment revealed that Girl’s Day would be wrapping up their promotions for “Hug Me Once” this week in order to prepare for their Japanese debut.
Representatives explained, “Their performance on MBC’s ‘Music Core‘ will be the last performance for ‘Hug Me Once’. They will now begin official preparations for their Japanese debut.”
They continued, “We’ve currently received about 10 love calls from Japanese entertainment labels and investors. Three of them have offered contracts exceeding $2.7 million USD, as well as the assurance of the best possible promotional strategies in Japan. We’ll be finalizing our contract by the end of the month, and begin Japanese promotions in September.”
Last month, four different entertainment labels/investors were revealed to have made personal visits in order to discuss advancing Girl’s Day into Japan.
Representatives said, “The Japanese labels chose Girl’s Day’s cute visuals, aegyo, and their positive music as their best charms. As their advancement is progressing faster than we thought, we’ve decided to conclude promotions for Girl’s Day this week.”
Source + Photos: Star News via Naver

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