Sunday, August 7, 2011

2PM’s slumber party on 2PM Show

On a recent episode of the “2PM Show“, the 2PM members traded in their loud, on-stage ensemble for casual plaid pajamas. With this, they revealed their more natural, every-day selves for the camera.

This episode was in response to the fans who expressed their curiosity as to what the members did on days where they don’t have a busy, jam-packed schedule.
The members began eating snacks like they would on any average day but being the playful boys that they are, they decided to see who could eat the most snacks without using their hands. They placed the snacks on their foreheads and using only their facial muscles, had to maneuver the chips into their mouths. Nichkhun decided to begin recording each member’s hilarious facial expressions, and the members could not stop laughing throughout.
Additionally, the 2PM boys also had the task of babysitting and acting as “dads” to Mason Moon and his siblings.
Check out the episode below!

Source & Image : SportsKorea via Nate

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