Friday, August 19, 2011

JOO poses with her giant Rilakkuma bear

Singer JOO cracked up her fans with an adorable update from Japan.

On August 16th, JOO posted via Twitter, “I’m so excited for the JYP Nation concert that’s happening today! I also love Rilakkuma…Jjok”.

In the attached picture, JOO is seen gleefully hugging the giant Rilakkuma bear that threatens to almost smother her. But she seems incredibly happy just to hold it, as seen by her happy wink.

Netizens commented, “You posted a no-makeup photo with Sunye yesterday, but today you have makeup on! You two are both cute”, “Your face is the same size as the bear’s ears. You have a small head!”, “I wanna hug you like a bear”, and“Do well at the concert!”.

Source: enews24 via Nate
Photo: JOO’s Twitter

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