Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nine Muses’ Minha and HyunA look like twins?

Thanks to their sweet resemblance, Nine Muses Minha and HyunA have been often mistaken for each other online, with some even questioning whether they’re twins.  At the beginning of their debut, they even had the same hair styles, adding to the confusion for new fans trying to tell the members apart.

With a laugh, Minha said, “Sometimes people post pictures with the wrong name.  We do hear about our resemblance a lot, but do we really look alike?”

Representatives of Star Empire said, “Minha, HyunA, and Hyemi – the maknae line – have such similar images so we tried to give them individual styles for their ‘Figaro‘ comeback.  Minha cut her bangs to go for a more youthful, cute look, while HyunA kept her long, straight hair.  Hyemi also cut her hair short about two weeks before their comeback.”

They continued, “The vocal line also all have long, straight hair, so they needed to stand out.”

Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Naver

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