Sunday, August 7, 2011

Q&A session with TEEN TOP and Bo Young

 TEEN TOP, who has just made their comeback with their title track, “Don’t Wear Perfume“, recently met with actress Park Bo Young to discuss how much knowledge they have on the ladies.
Bo Young met the boys at their rehearsal room at T.O.P Media Headquarters, and the boys were all smiles as they prepared to being their photo shoot. Although TEEN TOP has been captured in photos donning ladies’ clothing and high heels, in order to find out how much they really knew about women- the shoot was divided into two segments: a Q&A session with Park Bo Young, and a chance for TEEN TOP to teach Park Bo Young their choreography for “Don’t Wear Perfume“.
During the Q&A session, Bo Young asked the boys what actions they would take in order to win the heart of an older woman who only looks at them as a cute younger brother. To which Niel responded, “I think it’s important to show her that as a man, I can lead her, and treat her like the lady she is. For instance, if we go to a movie together, I can pre-select the movie we’re going to watch before arriving.”  The rest of the members also agreed.
Changjo, known to be popular with the older ladies responded, “I think it’s very important to be good to her, but every once in awhile you should play hard to get… just to keep her interested,” sharing his expertise with his fellow TEEN TOP members.
In the next segment, Bo Young had a chance to learn the “Don’t Wear Perfume” dance from the TEEN TOP boys themselves. She was praised to be a quick learner, as she aced the moves perfectly all within ten minutes. The TEEN TOP boys were also impressed to find that Bo Young knew all the lyrics to their songs and expressed their gratitude.

A behind-the-scenes look at Chunji’s candid camera <TEEN TOP & Park Bo Young’s “Shall We Dance?”> will be available to the public on August 11 via ‘The Star‘ main homepage.

Source & Image : The Star Chosun
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