Friday, August 19, 2011

Kim Yun Ah, Sohee, CL and Kim Ju Won gather together for Lancome

Kim Yun Ah, Wonder Girls’ Sohee, 2NE1’s CL and Ballerina Kim Ju Won… Why did the rising stars in their respective fields gather togther?

The reason was for the shooting of the ‘Vision of Beauty’ campaign in celebration of the release of Lancome’s new anti-aging essence, ‘Visionnaire’.

The ladies’ frank and direct testimonial clips of their vision of beauty were posted on the ‘Vision of Beauty’ website, which shared the visions of 100 people, catching the attention of netizens.

As it was the first time that these ladies’ who are considered ‘the best’ in their fields came together for a shoot, it was reported that the staff were excited at the set, as well. The shoot is already gaining massive attention as these ladies showed off their chic, feminine looks, and of course their flawless skins.

 On this day, along with the shoot, they also conducted an interview with the ladies.

The confident, yet feminine Yun Ah stated, “My beauty vision is passion! Passion brings out the energy inside of me and makes me beautiful”.

Sohee, who has become a beautiful young woman testified, “Beauty is the time shared with others… The time spent with the members, staff, and the people I love is the most treasured and beautiful”.

CL, who rarely shows her feminine side, spoke with charisma, “I am ME! I think you’re most beautiful when you treasure yourself and love yourself”, showing her confidence.

Kim Ju Won, who recently rose above the surface with her graceful, professional self through “Kiss and Cry”, revealed that she is most beautiful when, “I am the real me. When I am communicating with others, dancing on stage, or acting, I think my honest gestures bring out the true beauty inside of me”.

In related news, along with these beautiful ladies, the ‘Vision of Beauty’ campaign is compiled of many other leaders in their fields, such as Shin Ae Ra, Choi Hwa Jung, Han Eunjung, and other trend leaders. Here are the clips of their interviews below:

Kim Yun Ah

Kim Ju Won


Choi Hwa Jung


Source: Newsen via Nate

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