Friday, August 12, 2011

After School to release photo essay book in Japan

“Super Sexy”, “Super Style”, and “Super Show” – “Triple S” girl group After School are set to release their first photo essay “AFTERSCHOOL After School Photo Essay”, on August 15th, just two days before their Japanese debut single, “Bang!”.
This photo essay has an original Korean version titled “Play Girlz!”, but this version has some new treats included especially for their Japanese fans. There are lots of portrait shots of the eight girls, and each member wrote an essay about their fans, family, childhood, love, and so much more.
All eight members give their recommended brunch menu as well, and there’s a cute shot of the girls wearing aprons. This is a book fans don’t want to miss out on, as it gives the members’ thoughts and has a wide array of pictures.
The photo essay will cost 2,520 yen (~$33 USD).
Source: Barks

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