Sunday, August 7, 2011

TEEN TOP warns fans about ‘Typhoon Muifa’

On August 5th, TEEN TOP’s ChangjoRicky, and C.A.P. came up with a unique way to warn their fans of ‘Typhoon Muifa’.
The term may seem random at first, but thanks to the picture, it actually makes a lot of sense.
Changjo is seen holding up a white radish, which is called ‘mu‘ in Korean, while Ricky points to his teeth, which are ‘ee‘ in Korean. C.A.P., meanwhile, is holding up green onions, which is ‘pa‘ in Korean.  Together, they spell out ‘Mu-i-fa’.
The boys wrote, “Before everyone could recover from the last downpour, it’s said that it will be raining nationwide starting tomorrow due to Typhoon Muifaㅠ.  We hope that there won’t be any more flood damage.”
Netizens commented back, “I usually can’t remember typhoon names, but I think I’ll remember this one thanks to the image”, and “A sensible selca reminding us of something important”, and “Teens come up with the cutest ideas.”
Source + Photos: Financial News via Naver

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