Sunday, August 28, 2011

Jo Kwon posts a happy tweet for his 23rd birthday

2AM’s Jo Kwon recently celebrated his 23rd birthday with a happy Twitter post!

On August 28th, Jo Kwon tweeted, “Jo Kwon’s 23rd birthday. I’m very happy. I’m happy because I’m Kwon.” He also attached a picture of his special birthday cake.

Being the high-profile star that he is, Jo Kwon naturally received many happy returns from his friends.

miss A’s Min tweeted, “Happy Birthday,” while 2PM’s Junho wrote, “There’s a lot of places we should go visit together. I love you. Happy Birthday!”

Actor Kim Kab Soo also tweeted, “Today is Kwonnie’s birthday. Have you had seaweed soup yet?”

Have you sent him a birthday tweet yet?

Source: OSEN

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