Sunday, August 28, 2011

Former U-KISS member Alexander sends his love to U-KISS

It’s a been a few months now since Alexander and Kibum officially withdrew from U-KISS and were subsequently replaced by two new members before the group’s spring comeback. Yet despite the separation, Alexander has remained a publicly active supporter of the group and recently congratulated them on their 3rd anniversary through his Twitter.

Alexander dedicated two tweets for U-KISS’s anniversary. He wrote, “Even though we are walking in our different ways, the fact is that we started together on 2008.08.28 and I will always be proud about it. :)”. He later wrote, ”Happy 3rd Anniversary U-KISS-ME! All the BEST for the comeback ^^  #3yearsofkisses @ukissSH @KiSSeop91 @u_kisseli @Kevinwoo91 @Dongho94 @90KKB

Congratulations to U-KISS on their 3rd anniversary!

 Source: Alexander’s Twitter

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