Monday, March 21, 2011

CNBLUE releases MV for ‘Intuition’

Earlier, allkpop reported that boy band CNBLUE released their first full album, “First Step" On March 21st, the band released the full music video for their comeback song, “Intuition“.

In the music video, the four members of CNBLUE are depicted in two ways:  as street hoodlums and as themselves. As rebels, the boys are seen sneaking through the streets, using graffiti to tag ‘CNBLUE’ onto everything. They even trespass into a building and shove security guards out of their way!

When the security guards finally catch up to them, however, it’s revealed that the hoodlum versions were, in fact, their actual selves. But the band has myseriously disappeared, leaving behind only their instruments and a huge graffiti tag of their name on the rooftop.
Check out the music video below!

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