Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Younha releases “It’s Beautiful” for Laneige’s “Be Waterful” campaign

On March 22nd, singer Younha released her latest digital track, “It’s Beautiful“, as a part of Laneige’s “Be Waterful” campaign.

Netizens remarked that Younha’s crystal-clear sound matched well with the brand’s advertisement, which also starred actress Song Hye Gyo.

Produced by Mad Soul Child’s Jinshil, ”It’s Beautiful” is a modern rock track with pop influences that lend a romantic feel to the song.

Hilariously, there was a minor incident after the digital single was released on March 22nd, as there was a typo of her name in the original album cover. Younha even tweeted in jest, “Who is YUNHA?” and “Give me back ‘O’ LOL.” A new album cover has since been uploaded to reflect the real name.

Source: Asia Today, Younha’s Twitter

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