Sunday, March 20, 2011

Visual Dreams defined in ‘Intel Episode’

On March 14th, posts with video entitled “Intel Episode” featuring Taeyeon, Seohyun and YoonA surfaced on various forums on internet portal sites.

In the video revealed, Seohyun who danced to Intel-SNSD collaboration song ‘Visual Dreams’ also shot a video of herself as well as editing them. Dressed in purple tracksuit which is very common, her unique, pure and goddess-like natural beauty shines.

Taeyeon who recently sported the ‘chocolate-shaped’ hair style made a surprise entrance at the end portion of Seohyun’s video recording scene. In this video, she has short hair with blonde-highligted end.

In the other part of the video, Taeyeon helped YoonA to choose the different clothes that she could wear for the next day. Taeyeon then asked YoonA to stand behind a TV, rotate the TV by 90 degrees and threw the different clothes she chose towards the TV to see how YoonA would look in them. When she saw YoonA in the ‘Visual Dreams’ MV outfit, Taeyeon said, “Wow, it’s great”. YoonA replied, “Is it me or Intel?”.

Netizens who saw the video commented, “Taeyeon brightened up the mood of the video”, “How to look like goddess by wearing a tracksuit?”, “Taeyeon and Seohyun too are really cute”, “If I put on tracksuit, I’ll look pretty too”, etc.

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