Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SM Entertainment have yet to receive the ‘Korean Day’ request from Oryx

 SM Entertainment said they have yet to receive official request from Oryx Buffaloes to have SNSD in Osaka on April 23rd for the ‘Korean Day’ baseball match.

On March 10th SM Entertainment told Star News, “We have not received any request from Oryx’s side regarding SNSD’s participation in the match which involves pitching and batting the first ball of the match, etc”.

Prior to this, a representative from Oryx Buffaloes said they have decided to invite the girls over for the game in Kyocera Dome, Osaka on April 23rd to cheer for Oryx Buffaloes and Korean baseball stars Park Chanho and Lee Seungyeob, pitching and batting the opening ball and also to sing the national anthem.
Since no official request was received so far, Park Chanho and Lee Seungyeob’s dream to have SNSD pitching and batting the opening ball in front of them seems to be rather uncertain.

Credit: Star News
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