Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jo Kwon and the Wonder Girls pose for a few chic selcas

 Are sunglasses the must-have item for 2AM’s Jo Kwon and Wonder Girls?
Jo Kwon recently updated his Twitter saying,
Wonder Girls & Kwon. When we went to Thailand~ It was fun when we played games together keke
In the photos, Wonder Girls’ Sunye, Yeeun and Sohee are posing for a few selcas with Jo Kwon, all wearing black sunglasses. In one photo, Sunye and Yeeun are found standing besides Jo Kwon with a friendly pose. In the other photo, Sohee and Kwon are giving off chic expressions.

  Fans commented, “Looks like sunglasses are a must-have item” “Wonder Girls have nothing to be ashamed of, even besides the small-faced Jo Kwon” and “I wish to see all of them on a stage in Korea.

Source: TV Daily via Nate

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