Monday, March 21, 2011

Spris releases a CF feat. T-ara’s Eunjung and Kim Soo Hyun

“Dream High co-stars Eunjung and Kim Soo Hyun were recently featured in a new Spris CF!
In the short film, both Eunjung and Kim Soo Hyun play dancers  While Kim Soo Hyun’s character falls for Eunjung’s at first sight, her character doesn’t seem interested at all. However, his persistence and humor gradually breaks through her cool front.

Later, she spots a poster announcing a “Dream Project” contest (a play off of ‘Dream High’, perhaps?), and go back to the studio to rehearse. Eunjung’s character is especially dedicated to practice, but she overdoes it during a routine and injures her ankle.

While she’s sitting out with Kim Soo Hyun’s character, she frets that her injury will prevent her from dancing. She then takes the opportunity to ask him if dancing is his dream.
Dream?” he asks. “No, I just do this for fun.”

But then we hear a voice-over from his character, “But did you know that a dream has formed in my heart since I’ve met you? I want to make the dream come true together.”
The rest of the film features cuts of the group dancing together, and some really cool stunts – check it out below!

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