Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shawols angry at SM for overworking Onew

While recording Star King on February 21st, Onew apparently became sick (no clear details, some say he almost fainted) and was not able to DJ Sukira either–Minho had to fill in. Shawols have observed that out of all the members of SHINee, Onew has been the most overworked in 2010. Judge for yourself! Here is a list of activities Onew has done in 2010 and 2011:
Early 2010:
  • Hello Baby, lead role as Jubong in Brothers Were Brave
  • appeared on variety shows like Star King and Star Golden
  • SHINee promotions in Southeast Asia
Later 2010:
  • lead role as Drew in Rock of Ages
  • Lucifer promotions + Hello promotions all over Asia
  • MC of YHS
  • MC of Music Core
  • hosted several year-end award shows
  • performed in all the Gayo Daejun specials
  • variety show appearances
  • practiced for their solo concerts in Japan & Korea
  • performances in Taiwan & Australia
  • recorded New Year Specials for both Taiwan and Thailand (Onew got sick in Thailand too)
  • recorded two other Lunar New Year programs in Korea
  • participated in Idol Sports Competition (Onew received a minor injury here)
  • SMTown Tokyo
  • DJ of Sukira
  • recorded Happy Together with DBSK & f(x)
  • record Oh My School while everyone else was at Super Junior’s Manager’s wedding
  • autograph session for Maypole
  • fan meeting for Sta Fe
  • filmed for Auction
SM needs to address this problem of overscheduling. With the Japanese debut of SHINee coming in March, it’s important for Onew and Jonghyun to be in their best shape
Credit: -shixie03-  @ soompi

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