Monday, March 21, 2011

Netizens prefer YoonYul on SPAO ad

Netizens have shown their amazing Photoshop skills again.

On March 18th, netizens posted a photoshopped picture of YoonA and Yuri on an online community board. The original images originated from the website of SPAO, the clothing brand that SNSD and Super Junior modeled for.

The original ad pictures consist of cool, friendly and cheerful couple shots of Yuri and Heechul as well as YoonA and Siwon. With impressive photoshop skills, the two male models were cut out while the pictures of Yuri and YoonA were being put together, as though YoonYul were really hugging each other. The editing was so painstakingly done that it made the YoonYul couple pose seemed real.
The wording beside them says ‘Check Romance’.

Credit: and Fanwonder

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