Monday, March 21, 2011

Kim Soo Hyun performs “Dreaming” on M! Countdown

Actor Kim Soo Hyun performed his hit OST track from the “Dream High” OST, “Dreaming“, for the first time on today’s episode of “M! Countdown“!

Representatives of KeyEast Entertainment stated, “Even after ‘Dream High’ has come to an end, ‘Dreaming’ has been earning much popularity and is still maintaining its position at the top of music charts. We wondered how we could repay so much love, and came up with the idea to have Kim Soo Hyun personally perform it live. Since it is a special stage that will only happen once, he prepared a lot so please look forward to this performance on M! Countdown.”

Producers of “M! Countdown” added, “OST songs sung by actors like Hyun Bin and Kim Soo Hyun from ‘Secret Garden‘ and ‘Dream High’ have been doing exceptionally well. In order to introduce Kim Soo Hyun as the next Hallyu star to international fans, we suggested that he appear on the program and perform his song. Representatives of Kim Soo Hyun were more than happy with the offer.”

Check out the performance below!

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