Sunday, March 20, 2011

Super Junior Heechul reveals that he fights with his fellow members

On March 16th, Super Junior’s Heechul held a discussion with SISTAR and SECRET about the relationships between idol group members, during which he revealed that he had a scuffle with fellow member Kangin.

The MCs had asked Heechul if he had ever fought with his groupmates, to which Heechul responded, “I’ve fought at least once with all of the Super Junior members. Kangin and I got into a fight where we threw pots.”

MC Yoon Jong Shin then asked Heechul to avoid mentioning Kangin because of his DUI and assault controversy from last year: “Let’s not talk about Kangin…”

Heechul then shifted his topic to a more lighter note, as he gave a piece of hilarious advice to SISTAR and SECRET –  ”Idol groups need to fight a bit.  I’m going to go home later and fight again!”

Source: TV Report via Nate

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