Wednesday, July 27, 2011

2PM’s Taecyeon dodges questions on how he knows Jessica’s number

On July 27th, 2PM’s Taecyeon guested on SBS’s ‘Strong Heart‘ and talked about his ‘business relationship’ with SNSD’s Jessica.

The segment began with 2PM talking about how they failed to cast f(x)’s Krystal to feature in their latest track, “Hands Up“. Taecyeon said, J.Y. Park told us to ask Krystal ourselves, but I’m the one who communicates with SM so I sent the text to Krystal to ask.”

Taecyeon revealed that he wanted Kim Yuna at first but gave up after turning on the TV and seeing news reports of Kim Yuna leaving for Russia. “All of the members then chose f(x)’s Krystal, but out of everyone, Junho was the most enthusiastic about casting her.”

Krystal accepted the offer, but the entire recording was unfortunately canceled because of the song’s lyrics containing lines like, ‘Enjoying the club‘, and ‘Let’s drink‘.
As she is a minor born in 1994, representatives felt that the song was unsuitable for Krystal. Eventually, the song was turned over to Wonder Girls’ Sohee.
MC Kang Ho Dong pressed, “How did you find out Krystal’s phone number?” Taecyeon replied, “I found out through SNSD’s Jessica.”

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk then raised suspicions by asking,Nichkhun and Victoria are a virtual couple so you could have asked Nichkhun to find out Krystal’s number. Why did you go through Jessica? Even I don’t know Jessica’s number.”

Kang Ho Dong continued by asking, “Do you know the SNSD members’ numbers?” Taecyeon replied, “I don’t know all of their numbers.”

Pressing further, Kang Ho Dong asked, “Is it only Jessica’s number you know then?” Put on the spot, Taecyeon finally responded, “I don’t talk to Jessica often. I call her when I have a favor to ask.”

Fellow guest Kim Young Chul made the studio burst into laughter by commenting that the two were of ‘business relations’ then.

Source + Photos: Newsen via Nate, TV Daily via Nate

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