Saturday, July 30, 2011

KARA’s Gyuri attends press conference for new musical, ‘200 Pounds Beauty’

Via tokyohive:

On July 29th, KARA’s leader Gyuri (23) and her fellow actors/singers attended a press conference for their new musical, “Bijou wa Tsurai no” (Being Beautiful Is Painful), also known as “200 Pounds Beauty”. The musical is based off of Suzuki Yumiko’s manga, “Kanna-san Daiseikou Desu!”, and it’s also been turned into a popular Korean film as well.

The story is about a heavyset woman with an amazing voice, who secretly does the singing voice for a big pop star. With special make-up and a suit, Gyuri will be transformed into the 125kg (275 lb) singer. She commented, “I’m really looking forward to meeting the Japanese fans who have seen a different image of me up until now.”

Supernova’s Sungje (24) will be playing opposite Gyuri as a music producer. “We
want to arrange everything perfectly so that all of the Japanese people can see a fantastic performance,” he said.

The musical will be held in Osaka from October 8th to November 6th.
Source: Sanspo

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