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The Mixtape: allkpop’s Top 10 ‘Hot Summer’ songs

Welcome to ‘The Mixtape‘, a special bi-weekly feature that brings you the best K-pop playlists! We’ll be sharing songs that we think you guys should really check out, and possibly introduce you to some great some tracks that you might not have heard before – all of which surround a special theme.

For our first playlist, we’ve picked the Top 10 songs for a ‘hot summer‘. Check it out below!


01. < GG (Park Myung Soo, G Dragon) (ft. Park Bom) – I Cheated >

This right here is my K-pop summer anthem, and this track’s “All-Kill” status in Korea proves that I’m not the only one! Now we here at allkpop don’t condone cheating or affairs, so don’t worry! The title actually means ‘going out of control’. The comedic duo team up with Park Bom on this track to create the ultimate party hit. Whether you’re out dancing in a club in Gangnam or leaving Hongdae to meet up with some friends in Itaewon, this track gets you pumped up to go all out, partying with “swee~” “swag.”


02. < 2PM, Girls’ Generation – CABI (Caribbean Bay) >

What do you get when you throw 2PM and SNSD together on a set? Shirtless fun and jaw-dropping bodies, which make them the perfect representatives for this upcoming track! ‘CABI (Caribbean Bay)’ is a popular water park in Korea that the two groups did a track for in 2010 under the same name. I don’t know about you guys, but when summer starts to kick in, I just itch for the thrill of roller coasters and high-rise water slides. While I can’t guarantee that any of us will end up having a fling with Yoona or Taecyeon this summer, we can all still have a good time jamming to this track.


03. < MC Mong – Ice Cream >

What’s a hot summer without ice cream? This uplifting MC Mong classic is a favorite for most K-pop listeners. On this track, MC Mong describes how his heart melts for a certain girl, and that his love is sweet like ice cream. Whether you’re talking about the song or the actual dessert, either sounds pretty refreshing right about now!


04. < Jadu – Kimbap >

For many Korean families, kimbap is the quintessential food for picnics, church barbecues, and of course, for long road-trips. You seriously can’t go to any of these events without a beaming ahjumma bringing in her special recipe.

BRB, gotta bug our moms for some kimbap!


05. < Humming Urban Stereo – Hawaiian Couple >

Humming Urban Stereo opens up their track with the line, “So cute, you’re so cute!” and this track is exactly just that. Summer isn’t the same without some romance, is it? From the relaxing ukulele to the soothing vocals guiding the song, this track just exudes that sweetness we feel when we’re falling in love, making it the perfect song for summer lovin’.


06. < Clazziquai – She Is>

We technically covered summer romances, but weddings deserve a separate song of their own! Summer often signals the start of a new life for many couples, and no wedding is complete without that special love song.

Clazziquai’s “She Is” describes a man’s moving confession on how his lover brings light and warmth to his cold heart. The kicker? “Your strong love has given meaning to my life.”


07. < House Rulez – Summer Breeze>

Here’s a track full of summery funk. House Rulez is one of the many underrated groups who continuously puts out quality tracks in Korea. With a retro base track reminiscent of bands like Sister Sledge from the 70’s, you’re bound to disco down to this groovy beat.


08. < Rain – It’s Raining>

Unfortunately, summer doesn’t always guarantee us perfect sunshine and weather. Sudden storms and harsh weather are some things many of us experience during this season, but that doesn’t stop K-pop superstar Rain from having a good time! If you feel the weather’s bringing you down, crank up that volume and “let the music control your body.”


09. < 2PM – 10 out of 10>

Let’s face it, one of the greatest things about summer is being able to shamelessly scope out sexy people showing some skin. If that’s your calling, then “10 out of 10″ must be your anthem. Aside from all that, the track is just goofy and a lot of fun, and 2PM’s got the perfect attitude for summer.


10. < f(x) – Hot Summer>

Of course, you can’t have a hot summer playlist without “Hot Summer.” Personally, I find that the track is a great depiction of what summer’s all about. The heat can be unbearable at times, but in the end, there’s so much to do and so much fun to look forward to. With a feisty, aggressive beat and infectious hooks, “Hot Summer” will surely have you singing along throughout the season.


Stay tuned for more playlists from “The Mixtape”!

Collaboratively written by: ah_rex & asphodel

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