Friday, July 29, 2011

miss A thanks fans for their first “Good Bye Baby” music program win

Through they’re just a week into their comeback, the ladies of miss A already snagged their first music program win on yesterday’s episode of Mnet’s ‘M! Countdown for “Good Bye Baby“!

The girls have a shining history chock-full of awards and achievements, and they’re known for having won first place on a music program just 21 days into their debut, a remarkable feat for any rookie.  We shouldn’t be too surprised, though, as “Good Bye Baby” has been ranking in on charts every where since its release.

The members of miss A made sure to thank their fans by commenting, “Thank you so much to everyone who is giving so much love to our song.  The members all worked hard so we’re glad that the song is achieving good results.  We promise to continue to work harder than ever and show off the best performance possible on stage.”

AQ Entertainment added, “They truly did their best on their album, but we did not think they’d win so fast.  We ask that you continue to give them your love and attention.”

Min wrote on her Me2day, “miss A won a trophy today.  Thank you to our fans and the people that help us from behind the scenes.  I promise to work harder than ever.”

Suzy wrote, “Today, our miss A made their comeback and won!  So, so glad.  We will repay the love with better stages and better music!  Fighting!”

Jia tweeted, “‘Good Bye Baby’ won our first trophy since our comeback!  Thank you so, so much.  Our members and fanclub say A, I love you.”

cr: allkpop

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