Saturday, July 30, 2011

HITT are looking for their kitten’s mommy

On July 19th,  HITT’s leader, Hayong tweeted, “There was a kitty waiting for its mommy in front of our studio~ It’s pouring and the mommy still hasn’t arrived!! In the meantime we… will take care of it!”.

In the main picture, three of the group’s members are snapped cradling the kitten with a sad expression on their faces. The members have named the kitty ‘Sseubong‘ because they found the kitten by the garbage bag in front of their practice room.

Netizens commented, “So cool~“, “The kitty is so cute!“, and “I want to raise that kitty myself“.

Meanwhile, HITT – comprised of members Hayong, Juntaek, Hyunjun, Howon, Wooram, and Jaehoon – are currently in the midst of promotions for “Good Night“.

Source & Photo: Naver News

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