Saturday, July 30, 2011

miss A’s Suzy looks beautiful in her school outfit

Photos of miss A’s maknae Suzy in a uniform were revealed, wavering the hearts of many male fans.

On July 29th, past school pictures of Suzy attending the Seoul Performing Arts High School were released and they’re receiving much attention.

On one community board, the particular photo of Suzy wearing the uniform and placing her hand on her stomach in a greeting pose is drawing hot responses.

In the pictures, Suzy is waving to the camera or neatly placing her hands on her stomach, showing her cute student image.

Netziens responded with, “Uniform pose terminator, Suzy“, “I want to go to that school“, “Congrats to miss A’s 1st place on ‘Music Bank‘”, and “Even just wearing a uniform, she is so pretty.
Source+Photo: Seoul Newspaper via Naver

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