Sunday, July 17, 2011

Block B’s Zico shares a childhood photo with Co-Ed’s Taewoon

There’s a new pair of K-Pop siblings in town, and they’re none other than Co-Ed’s Taewoon and Block B’s Zico! On July 16th, Zico updated his Twitter with a childhood photo of him and his older brother.

As the caption, Zico wrote, “Brothers have gotten older.”

Fans already know that Taewoon was initially a member of Blockbuster before he moved to Core Contents Media and debuted under Co-Ed.

Chanmi playfully commented, “Kyak >< So cute!!!!!!  Such chubby little babies* I can recognize Jiho, but who’s the person to the right of him?…” She later added, “Hahaha, Taewoon oppa grew up so well ^^.”

Fans commented back, “Absolutely adorable,” “Lovely!”, and “They’re both still just as cute.” Check out some of their other childhood photos below!

Source + Photos: Zico’s Official Twitter (@ZICO92)

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