Sunday, July 24, 2011

INFINITE’s comeback album tops music charts + receives praise

Just days into the release of INFINITE’s first official album, ‘Over the Top‘, the boys are not only sweeping the charts, but album sales as well.

They’ve ranked first on various digital music charts, but perhaps the most special feat is ranking first on music analyst site Hanteo’s real time chart, for achieving top album sales. Especially considering the rush of comebacks and debuts this month, the boys and the fans are ecstatic over this news.

The album has been garnering considerable attention from experts, as Noh Jun Young, a music critic, praised, “INFINITE has definitely made a place for themselves in the music industry with a music and performance style all their own. INFINITE will soon become one of the leaders in creating K-Pop history.”

Fans commented, “Let’s make a daebak!”, “The best album, totally worth it to have”, and “I become more surprised the more I listen.”

Source + Photos: Naeil News via Nate
Tip: SuPM.hwaiting

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