Wednesday, July 27, 2011

SNSD show their beauty secrets in Japan’s “Ray”

Via tokyohive:

Shoujo Jidai (SNSD) is featured on the front cover of the August issue of “Ray” magazine, which started to be displayed in stores on June 23rd.

The nine members of the group showed up on the cover wearing a different coordination of white blouses and denim tops/rompers. To accent the simple outfits, they all wear summer-themed, vivid-colored heels, and show off their beautiful legs which every girl envies.

Their interview in this magazine features their thoughts on their current Japanese tour, and Shoujo Jidai also answered one hundred questions for “100 no Q&A”. Before the photography session, Taeyeon used moisturizer and scrub on her skin to emphasize her flawless skin for the photos.

This issue of “Ray” also featured models Karina, Izumi Rika, and Miyu wearing different summer outfits.
To check out SNSD’s scans from the magazine, head over to tokyohive!
Source & Photo: Model Press

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