Saturday, July 30, 2011

[Spoiler: City Hunter] The producer of ‘City Hunter’ clarifies the ending

On July 28th, SBS’s popular drama, ‘City Hunter‘ came to a close.

With the finale, the ending attracted much attention with controversial comments from viewers. The foster father of ‘Lee Yoon Sung‘ (played by Lee Min Ho), Jin Pyo (played by Kim Sang Joong), was hit by a gun and was filed as dead by Lee Yoon Sung.

Even though at the end, Yoon Sung and ‘Na Na‘ (played by Park Min Young) reunite, some viewers were left to believe that Yoon Sung was actually a ghostly figure.

However, the producer, Kim Yong Sup, stated to TVDaily through a phone conversation on July 29th, “Yoon Sung is not dead“.

Kim Yong Sup elaborated, “Lee Min Ho was shot by a gun, and after much time passes, he eventually meets Park Min Young. He didn’t appear as a ghost as it was actually a time jump. Of course, I respect the arbitrary interpretation of the viewers.
However, just the fact that Yoon Sung didn’t die is strictly speaking, the definition of a happy ending. The director and writer put in the scene with this as their mindset.”

However, the last episode of ‘City Hunter’ still resulted in the deaths of prosecutor ‘Yong Joo‘ (played by Lee Joon Hyuk) and Jin Pyo. Yoon Sung was injured by Jin Pyo’s bullet but recovered as time went by.

Source: TVDaily via Nate

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