Sunday, July 17, 2011

[Spoiler: We Got Married] Nichkhun & Victoria get married

On July 16th, the much-loved Khuntoria couple finally held their beautiful wedding ceremony on MBC’s ‘We Got Married‘!

Hosted by fellow 2PM member Wooyoung, Nichkhun impressed his bride by preparing a hand-written letter for her.  He shyly confessed, “I know that there are still many things I haven’t been able to do for you, but Victoria-ssi, I am prepared to make you the happiest woman in this world.  I love you.”

Victoria replied with a wide smile, as she said, “I’m always grateful for you.  Nichkhun-ssi, I love you too.”

The two wrapped up their ceremony with a passionate hug that reduced the remaining 2PM members to a burning envy. Putting their jealous feelings aside, they congratulated the newlyweds with a fun performance.

The couple then headed to a yacht after their wedding ceremony, and Nichkhun began bringing up plans of having children, causing Victoria to freeze on the spot.

Source + Photos: OSEN

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