Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sandara expresses nervousness over 2NE1’s ticket sales through me2day

2NE1’s Sandara Park revealed her excitement about her group’s first ever pending solo concert.

On July 14th, the idol wrote on her me2day, “Finally NOLZA concert in 3 hours! Ticketing starts.

In the attached picture, Sandara is seen posing in a place with a violet-colored backdrop. Her ensemble is equally bright, as she rocks a neon-orange tracksuit and successfully pulls off yet another wild hairstyle.

She added, “Thump thump thump. Pound pound pound! We are doing ticketing for the first time! Ah it’s nerve-wrecking.. Is it going to be a success? Everyone fighting!  I hope everyone succeeds in ticketing and let’s play together at NOLZA concert. We are heading to the airport now.”

Netizens commented, “Orange princess in a violet world?“, “Sandara gets nervous for ticketing too“, “I hope I can go to the concert and play with you.

2NE1 will be holding their first solo concert ‘NOLZA’ in Seoul Olympic Park’s Olympic Hall on August 27th and 28th.

Source + Image: Newsen

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