Wednesday, August 3, 2011

2PM to become “dads” for the Moon brothers on the ‘2PM Show’

Recently, 2PM attempted to be dads for the first time in their lives in SBS E! TV’s ‘2PM Show‘.
The members have completed a variety of competitions between themselves through the ‘2PM Show’, but the upcoming episode may prove to be the most challenging yet.
2PM must try their best to be dads who play well with children. For this challenge, Korea’s beloved child star Mason Moon and his two youngers brothers made a guest appearance. The three Moon brothers put the 2PM members to the test and even judged their abilities to be caring dads.
As soon as the Moon brothers appeared, 2PM exclaimed, “They’re so cute!“, and immediately began making efforts to become closer to them.
With Mason Moon, 2PM tried to respect his maturity by talking with him at his level. For Mason’s younger brothers, 2PM used a variety of children’s toys in order to appeal to them.
Will 2PM with their average age of 23 years old be able to pass their mission in being good fathers?
Check back  when this episode airs on August 6th!

Source: Donga via Nate
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