Monday, August 1, 2011

2PM’s manager confesses his impressions of the members

On the July 30th airing of SBS’s ‘2PM Show‘, 2PM’s manager Lee Ju Seob made some honest confessions about the 2PM members.
The manager, who has been with the group since their debut, revealed how he felt about each member from his first impressions to other events he silently witnessed.  As he made each revelation one by one, the 2PM members all felt slightly anxious.
The person who left the strongest first impression, according to the manager, was Nichkhun.  ”I kept an eye on him 3 years ago during his training days. He has caught my eyes from the very beginning” he said and complimented Nickhun on his demeanor.
When asked who out of the group changed the most, the manager revealed that it was maknaeChansung. “When he first appeared in the sitcom I thought he was very child-like, but I think he has changed the most out of the group“. Although Chansung is the youngest, he showed a very mature side of him and eloquently replied to his manager.
Manager Lee Ju Seob also confessed that Taecyeon was the most stubborn, but added, “his stubbornness comes along with his confidence. His confidence is something to respect and strive for“.
Source & Photo: Newsen via Nate

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