Wednesday, August 3, 2011

After School’s UEE to cameo in ‘All My Love’

After School’s UEE seems to be on a roll with her acting career! It’s just been revealed that she’ll be adding a cameo in MBC’s daily sitcom, ‘All My Love’.
UEE will be making a cameo as the maknae sister of Butler Kim, ‘Yujin’. In the plot, she’s described to have studied design in New York and is briefly making a visit to Korea while on her break.
Butler Kim, ashamed of his profession in front of his younger sister, lies by saying that he’s an investment adviser. The lie eventually stretches out to include Director Kim and his family to help the butler save face.
UEE will also play an extensive role in that she falls in love with Doojoon’s character immediately after he saves her from some delinquents. This eventually gets her into a fight with groupmate Lizzy as they bicker for Doojoon’s attention.
After the filming, UEE said, “It was a fun experience working with great actors in a family-like environment. It will definitely be remembered as a fond memory.”
The episode will broadcast on August 4th.

Source + Photos: Star News via Nate

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